Review of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

01 Jun
Tonight, I’m going to review a beer from one of the most famous brewers in the world.  The Guinness Foreign Extra Stout from Guinness Ltd., St. James Gate, Dublin, Ireland.   

Like everyone, I’ve had the “Draught” many times, but I’ve been told, by several people, that this is the Guinness to try. 

Here’s the description from the website,

Foreign Extra Stout is brewed with generous hops and roasted barley for a bittersweet balance & full-flavored, natural bite.  Developed over 200 years ago for global export from Ireland, the addition of extra hops ensured this Stout would arrive to its destination in perfect condition.  Today, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is enjoyed by millions of people around the world.  Pure beauty.  Pure GUINNESS.

How ’bout it?!?!  Ready for a taste???

The Foreign Extra Stout comes in an 11.2 oz. bottle and has a 7.5% ABV.

This beer poured a very nice, very dark brown/black color with a creamy and full, tan, chocolate milkshake type of collar.  It had worthwhile size and retention and the lacing looked pretty good too.  It settled to a fine film that lasted for most of the drink.  Very faint ruby highlights were shown around the bottom and sides when held toward the light.  One thing I will say about Guinness is that they all have a really pleasant appearance.

The aroma brought forth a nice roasted grain note combined with a rather mild coffee and chocolate fragrance.  It smelled a bit burnt and smokey as well as slightly sweet and fruity.  Some minute buttermilk tones came through, which added an engaging involvement.  The overall smell reminded me, in some ways, of an Oatmeal Stout.  It smells nice.

In the taste, I found a burnt, smokey grain with a suitable bitterness combined with stereotypical flavors of roasted coffee bean and chocolate.  The chocolate did not stand out as much as I had anticipated, yet it still provided enough sweetness to be satisfactory.  A creamy undertone crept along my tongue coalesced with a very faint, dark cherry fruitiness to add more character to the overall taste profile.  A bit of alcohol was hidden in the background that all but disappeared once the brew warmed to room temperature.  It tasted nice and solid.

The mouthfeel was as to be expected.  Medium with nice carbonation, smooth, mostly creamy and finalized by a welcome alcohol warmth.  It covered the palate nicely with plenty of flavor to go around.  It is dry, however I didn’t find it to be as dry as some other Stouts that I’ve had, but that’s ok, it’s still pleasant and nowhere near watery.

I thought this brew was pretty good really.  Much better than the “Draught.”  It has it’s own personality that’s for sure.  Lots of flavor to be had, a nice smell and it looks good also.  Easily drinkable at 7.5% ABV.  Not too filling or heavy.  Worth a try if you are looking for an all around, good, solid Stout.  Perfect for the cooler months, but I also think it could be had just about anytime during the year.  Pick it up and give it a whirl and let me know what you think of it.

Thanks for reading and commenting guys.                

I just want everyone to know that I appreciate all, who take a few minutes out of their day, to browse my blog.  You guys keep it fun and keep me motivated.    


Score:  3.95 out of 5
Grade:  B+


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