Review of Brooklyn Summer Ale

24 Aug
For today’s craft beer review I’m going to be reviewing another brew from the Brooklyn Brewing Company located in Brooklyn, New York.  It’s called the Brooklyn Summer Ale.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to find this on a regular basis every Summer for the last 3 or 4 years, so I’ve got an idea of what to expect with this beer.  
Here’s the description from the website,
Available from April through July.  Brooklyn Summer ale is a modern rendition of the “Light Dinner Ales” brewed in England throughout the 1800’s right up until the 1940’s.
Let’s get it in a glass. 
This Summer seasonal comes in a 12 oz. bottle and has a 5.0% ABV. 
In the glass, this brew appeared a clear, golden/honey color with a barely off white, fluffy head.  Great size was generated from a medium aggressive pour.  It looked nice and creamy too.  The retention was adequate and the lacing was good.  A little bit of film was left on top throughout the entire drink.
The aroma starts with a decent biscuity, yeasty malt.  Nice, subtle, “grassy” hops were found mixed with a light lemon sweetness and a touch of butter.  The nose was balanced well, although it was none too robust or dominating.  
The taste revealed more of the lemon sweetness than did the aroma.  Only the most light touch of sourness.  A significant amount of the bready malt was noticed also.  It had a very relaxed hop bite, however it was fitting and proper.  A “grain” and “grass” savor was stumbled on along with another splash of butter.  Way in the back I started to notice only the slightest bit of spice.  Not too much, but just a little tickle.  A decent taste with this one I thought.
The mouthfeel was medium to medium/thin.  Mostly dry, smooth, refreshing, crisp and thirst quenching.  The palate was left with only an average amount of flavor until the next sip.
Well, I didn’t find this to be an extremely complicated or outstanding beer, however I do think that I like this better than most Summer brews on the market.  It’s easily drinkable and totally sessionable.  I like the fact that it’s not overdone with spices or overly sweet like a lot of other Summer seasonals are.  The more “malt forward” aspects seem to suit my tastes better.  I would recommend you give it a try before for the season ends and see how you like it.  (Another good thing is that it’s now available in cans!!!!!)
Thanks guys.  I truly appreciate everyone who takes a few minutes out of their day to peruse a few of the reviews.
Score:  3.65 out of 5
Grade:  B       
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