Review of Heavy Seas Peg Leg Imperial Stout

01 Nov
For today’s craft beer review I’m going to be trying the Peg Leg Imperial Stout from Clipper City Brewery/Heavy Seas Beers located in Baltimore, Maryland.

I have tried several beers from Clipper City/Heavy Seas and have enjoyed each and everyone of them and I’m pretty sure we have a solid beer on our hands with this effort.

The description from the website,, is as follows.

Deep mahogany in color with aromas of roasted coffee, molasses and dark chocolate.  Subtly hopped, making it astonishingly smooth and easy drinking for such a big beer.  Pairs well with blue cheeses, beef and chocolate desserts.  

Let’s give it a try.

This beer has an ABV of 8.0% and comes in a standard 12 oz. bottle.

It poured a super dark brown to black color.  Only the most minimal ruby highlight was shown at the very bottom of the glass.  A well sized, khaki colored head was formed that was very creamy and smooth in texture.  The retention time wasn’t bad and the lacing was adequate.

The aroma had a nice smokey, roasted and slightly toasted malt fragrance.  Hints of coffee grounds, dry cocoa powder and bakers chocolate.  No distinguishable dark fruit in the nose, but I did detect the slightest hint of hops.  A pretty straight forward, but worthy, bouquet on this beer.

The taste seemed to reveal more of the chocolate.  Similar to chocolate milk I thought.  Rather heavy on the roasted malt and coffee.  The smokey aspects were tamed in the flavor, however it did have a slight “chalky” taste on the back end though.  I did find a little bit of the dark fruit in the taste, but it was very relaxed and subtle.  It had just a smidgen of bitterness from the hops, but it never distracted, instead my attention was focused on the roasted, sweet malts.

The mouthfeel was medium, smooth, creamy and soft.  Not quite as dry or as chewy as I thought it might be.  Oh well.  Some warmth was left behind after the swallow, however only an average amount of flavor remained on the palate between sips.

This beer isn’t too bad at all really.  It has a very nice roasted aroma and flavor, plus plenty of sweetness from the chocolate malt.  It was fairly easy to drink considering the 8.0% ABV.  I would recommend you give it a try if you favor Stouts.  It’s not quite the best Stout on the market, however it’s far from the worst.  Just a solid beer.  I think this would be a great “introductory” beer for someone wanting to explore the Imperial Stout style.  The Heavy Seas Peg Leg Imperial Stout fits right in with the cooler days and nights that lie ahead.

Again, thanks for reading and commenting everyone.  It’s much appreciated.

Until next time.


Score:  3.8 out of 5
Grade:  B+   

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