Review of Sixpoint The Crisp

06 Jan
For today’s craft beer review I’m going to be sharing with you my experience in the drinking of The Crisp produced by the Sixpoint Brewery located in Brooklyn, New York.

I have been thoroughly impressed by all of the Sixpoint brews I’ve tried thus far, so I’m eager to get this one in a glass to see how it tastes.

Currently there is no description of The Crisp on the website,, but check out their website anyway.  It’s pretty cool.

Let’s pour.

This brew has an ABV of 5.4% and it comes in a 16 oz. can.

The beer poured a very clear honey/gold color with some burnt yellow highlights showing all around the bottom of the glass.  The head was white, very fluffy and rocky.  It was of great size and it had some great retention, however the lacing was only average to slightly below average.  I found that surprising considering the girth of the collar.

The nose was of a very crisp and clean malt.  Hints of grain and hay mixed with a noticeable grassiness.  It was lightly sweet by way of some lemon and ripe apple.  I found the nose to be only slightly hopped, but it still smelled quite good for a Lager/Pilsner type of beer.  Not like the “macro’s” with the heavy adjunct aroma.  That’s always a plus.

The taste brought forth a wafer, cracker and white bread savor.  It was clean and fresh with a minute amount of hop bitterness.  It had a good and solid malt backbone with a subtle sweetness, however I couldn’t pick out any distinguishable fruits.  Tones of grass and grain brought forth a touch of the hops.  It seemed well balanced and harmonious despite not being very robust or forceful.

The mouthfeel was medium to medium/thin.  Very smooth, dry, crisp, thirst quenching and refreshing.  The carbonation was nice too.  It felt pretty good even though not a lot of flavor was left behind after the sip.

I’ll tell ya.  This was a nice little Lager/Pilsner.  It was outstandingly easy to drink.  I think I may have found my “go-to” beer to have this Summer after mowing the lawn.  The Crisp had plenty of flavor without being overbearing or overly complicated.  Just a smooth, easy-going beer that could be pounded without much fanfare.  I would definitely recommend this brew if you are looking for a fun and suitable beer that could be shared with craft beer and non-craft beer friends alike.  I think it would probably suit most audiences.  With that being said, try the Sixpoint The Crisp and see for yourself.  Be sure to let me know what you thought of it also.

Thanks for reading everyone.  Don’t be bashful about commenting either.

Until next time.  Cheers.

Score:  3.65 out of 5
Grade:  B 

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