Review of Rogue Mocha Porter

27 Jan
Hello again.  For today’s craft beer review I’m going to be trying the Rogue Mocha Porter brewed by Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon.

I have always loved a good Porter, so I’m really eager about tasting this one.

The website,, has this small description of the Mocha Porter.

Ruddy brown in color, a bittersweet balance of malt and hops with a light cream finish.

Simple and easy description right there.

This brew comes in a 22 oz. bottle and it has an ABV of 5.3%.

The beer poured a very dark brown color with both burnt orange and ruby highlights adorning the bottom of the glass.  The cap was tan colored and of great size.  It was very creamy, smooth, soft and fluffy in texture.  The retention time was satisfactory and the lacing looked very nice.

The aroma of the Mocha Porter started with some bittersweet chocolate followed by hints of coffee bean.  It was nicely roasted and toasted and it presented a slight fragrance of grain.  I was also picking up on some semblance of soft, dark fruits in there.  The hop profile was noticeably earthy, agreeable and very well balanced with the other attributes.  As the brew began to warm I started to detect the slightest indication of “smoke”.  Overall, a very good nose on this beer.

The taste brought forth more of the roasted and toasted malt.  Toasted grains and espresso notes too.  The bittersweet chocolate was picked up on again and I also found a light “creamed” wheat savor.  The hop profile was easily noticed and the bitterness was fitting and welcomed.  It got a bit chalky toward the end I thought, which added even more enjoyment and a touch more complexity.  Not too bad on the flavor I didn’t think.

The mouthfeel was medium to medium/thin.  It was soft, gentle and creamy.  It wasn’t quite as dry as I was hoping and not a whole lot of flavor was left behind on the palate after the swallow.  Hmm.  Oh well.

Actually, I think Rogue has made a pretty decent beer here.  It’s not quite the best Porter I’ve ever had, but it still paired well with the cold night on which I tried it.  It’s very, very easy to drink and not overly complicated or elaborate, but it still represents the style well.  It’s basically just an easy going, fun and enjoyable drink that has enough character to generate some discussion.  I would have no problem downing another bottle if it was offered to me that’s for sure.  I definitely think it’s worth a try if you see it.

Do you guys have a favorite Porter?  Which would be your choice to have on a cool night?

Thanks for reading everyone.  Don’t be afraid to leave a comment if you wish either.

Until next time.  Cheers.

Score:  3.75 out of 5
Grade:  B    

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