Review of Fort Collins 1900 Amber

29 Jan
Hi guys.  For today’s craft beer review I’m going to be trying a Fort Collins 1900 Amber produced by the Fort Collins Brewery situated in Fort Collins, Colorado.

It’s been some time since I last had a Fort Collins brew and I’m starting to get thirsty, so let’s get to the website,, and see what they have to say about this Lager. 

1900 is a nod to the very things that got us where we are today – crisp, clean microbrews all from the belly of a little brewery tucked away in the outskirts of Old Town.  The result is a superbly refreshing, bright and delicately balanced amber lager.

Let’s try it.

This brew has an ABV of about 4.5% and it comes in a 12 oz. bottle. 

It poured an orangish/amber color with some burnt yellow highlights around the curves of the glass.  It had a very small, off white head that was a bit soapy in texture.  Very little retention time was had (it was gone pretty quick actually) and the lacing was very scant.  Overall, it was mostly clear with a smidge of chill haze initially. 

The nose on this beer had a bit of caramel malt with touches of toasted biscuit and grain.  Some wheat bread characteristics were also noticed.  It was lightly floral with an herbal to slightly dank smelling hop profile.  Not a whole lot going on with the aroma.  It was balanced ok, but it wasn’t overly complex or robust.

The taste brought forth some caramel and toffee malts.  Somewhat sweet with toasted bread crusts and baked biscuits.  It seemed a touch grainy too.  It was lightly hopped with just a smattering of bitterness.  The taste was mostly clean and earthy, however like the smell, it wasn’t very complicated or forceful. 

The mouthfeel was a medium to medium/thin.  Smooth, crisp, clean and snappy.  It was a tad bit watery and not a lot of flavor was left behind after the sip.

Well.  This was an ok beer I guess.  I can’t say that it was anything outstanding, although I never found anything out of the ordinary or off putting.  It was very easy to drink and would make for a decent little session brew, but I probably wouldn’t seek this out to share with friends.  I mean sure, if it was offered, I would drink it again.  I’d say if you see it, give it a try, but don’t go out of your way to find it.  With that said, if you do try or have tried the Fort Collins 1900 Amber let me know you interpretation of the brew.

Thanks for checking back in on another review.  I really appreciate it.

Until next time.  Cheers.

Score:  3.3 out of 5
Grade:  B- 

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