Review of Sixpoint Apollo

26 May
Hello guys.  I hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend so far.  Well, for today’s craft beer review I thought I would sample a beer that would be perfect for the unofficial beginning of Summer.  It’s the Apollo brewed by the Sixpoint Brewery located in Brooklyn, New York.

As I may have mentioned before, we have just recently started to get Sixpoint in our area, so I hope to be enjoying their brews for years to come.

Let’s get to the website,, and see what we can find out about the Apollo.

The unmistakable flavor of a Bavarian Wheat, but with a clear golden brilliance and a Sixpoint twist. An entirely unique canned offering for the sun-worshipping ale lovers.

Let’s get Summer started shall we?

This brew comes in a 16 oz. can and it has an ABV of 5.2%.
It poured a slightly hazy, golden/orange color with some burnt yellow highlights showing through around the bottom of the glass.  The cap was bright white, fluffy, soapy and of decent size.  The retention time was not as good as I was hoping for, but the lacing seemed alright though.  
The nose brought about a nice dose of banana and lemon citrus.  Strong wheat characteristic intermingled with fresh grain.  A touch of clove and a light bubble gum essence completed a very well balanced and pleasing aroma.

The taste was more of the same.  Sturdy hints of banana along with satisfying wheat and bready facets.  The bubble gum intricacies were not as forthcoming in the taste in my opinion, however I felt that the clove was a touch stronger.  Either way, it was still a very tasty take on an American Wheat beer.

The mouthfeel was medium to medium/thin.  Quite dry, crisp, snappy, refreshing and thirst quenching.  The carbonation was spot on and a solid dose of flavor was left covering the palate after each sip.

Well, without a doubt, this brew would pair up with Summer very well.  It’s solid all around, fits the style exceptionally and even though I don’t particularly favor this type of beer, the Sixpoint Apollo would be one that I would have no problem drinking again or offering a friend that favors Wheat beers.  The drinkability was terrific and with a relatively low ABV, one could set back several of these during a warm, lazy afternoon around that BBQ grill.  So, with that being said, pick up the Sixpoint Apollo and give it a test drive.  I doubt that you will be disappointed once it’s in your glass and the Sun is on your shoulders.   

Thanks for reading and commenting guys.  I really appreciate all of the interaction.

Until next time.  Cheers.

Score:  3.85 out of 5
Grade:  B+   
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