Review of Full Sail Pale Ale

08 Nov
Hi guys.  Time for another craft beer review.  Today I’m going to be trying the Full Sail Pale Ale produced by the Full Sail Brewing Company located in Hood River, Oregon.

This will be my first ever beer from Full Sail.  I’ve heard a great deal about them and it seems that a lot of people really enjoy their products, so I’m looking forward to this tasting.  
From the website,, I couldn’t find the description, so I’m going to revert back to for a bit of information.   
This delightful brew is a medium-bodied pale ale that is balanced to perfection. It has a fresh hop aroma and a mild sweetness that finishes crisp and clean. This pale ale is brewed in the American style using two Northwest hop varieties, Centennial and Columbus. The fresh hop flavor is balanced with 2-row Pale and Crystal malts.
Ok.  Let’s try it.  
This beer came in a 12 oz. bottle with an ABV of 5.4%.
It poured a clear, light amber to golden/orange color.  A slightly off white head that was a bit small, but smooth and soft.  The retention time was so-so, although the lacing was decent enough.  
The nose was filled with bready and biscuity malts.  A touch floral with some soft earthy hops and a nice little fruity undertone of pear.  Nothing overly complicated or robust, however it was balanced very well and very enjoyable.  
The taste was similar to the nose.  Clean breads and biscuits.  A meager grain hint with a very manageable amount of bitterness from some earthy/herbal hops.  A subtle sweetness was found due in part to the pear as well.  Pretty tasty I thought.   
The mouthfeel was medium bodied.  Mostly dry, smooth, crisp and quite refreshing.  A good, medium strength carbonation.  A sufficient amount of flavor was left covering the tongue and roof of the mouth for enjoyment between sips too. 
I tell ya.  I liked this beer.  It was solid all around and a very easy drinker.  It was straight forward and to the point.  I love having beers like this from time to time.  Just nice and easy brews that are not too confusing, complex or “loud”.  I think the Full Sail Pale Ale could be enjoyed year round by most anyone, however I’m not sure if it’s available year round or even produced anymore since I couldn’t find any info on their website.  If anyone has any knowledge about that, please let me know.  One thing is for sure.  It didn’t taste old or past its prime, so I don’t think it had been sitting around on the shelf for too long.  Anyway, give it a try if you see it.  I think you may like it.  
Thanks for reading everyone.  Leave a comment anytime.  
Until next time.  Cheers.
Score:  3.8 out of 5
Grade:  B+  

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