Review of Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch "Weasel" Calvados Barrel Edition

15 Jan
Hello everyone.  For today’s craft beer review I’m going to be trying the Beer Geek Brunch “Weasel” Calvados Barrel Edition brewed by the Mikkeller Brewery situated in Kobenhavn, Denmark.

I’m extremely excited and intrigued about trying this beer.

The website,, doesn’t provide any kind of info about this brew, so we are going to check on for a description.

This imperial oatmeal stout is brewed with the Vietnamese coffee Ca Pe Chon, one of the world’s most expensive coffee. Ca Pe Chon coffee is made of excreta from væseldyr. The south-east Asian animals eat only the best and most mature coffee beans. Enzymes in their digestive system helps to break down the beans. Collected excreta which contains the whole beans and are used for væselkaffen. The coffee has a strong taste and an even stronger flavor.

Let’s do this!!!

The “Weasel” came in an 8.5 oz. bottle and it had an ABV of 10.9%.
It poured black with nary a single highlight.  The crown was very nicely sized and it looked like a chocolate milkshake with its thick, creamy, smooth and soft, dark tan head.  The retention time was astonishing.  The head stuck around for what seemed like forever.  The lacing was spectacular.  It was thick and very clingy.  An absolutely beautiful looking beer. 
The nose presented some dark, roasted malts.  Almost charred and burnt.  Rich espresso and wood along with a touch of booze and melted chocolate.  Only a light hint of apple was discovered from the Calvados barrels, but it was still conspicuous enough for some recognition.  
The taste brought forth more of the burnt and charred malts.  More alcohol was ascertained in the taste than the aroma.  It was almost rum or brandy like.  Definitely woody with a touch of vanilla and a light splash of apple.  The rich chocolate and bitter espresso savors helped tone down the booze a bit as it warmed and opened up.  
The mouthfeel was medium to medium/full.  Smooth, creamy and silky. It’s actually not quite as dry as I thought it might have been.  I mean, it’s dry, but not “bone dry”.  The carbonation was actually a little more lively than I had anticipated too. A good deal of warmth and burn was to be had and more than enough flavor left the palate drenched between sips.
Overall, I thought this was a very, very nice beer.  It was rich and bold, plus the drinkability was rather good considering the somewhat high ABV.  It’s clearly a Winter warmer in my opinion.  It easily removes the “chill” from the bones.  I would highly recommend that you guys give the Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch “Weasel” Calvados Barrel Edition a try if you can obtain a bottle.  It was a little bit pricey for such a small bottle, but everyone needs to try a beer made with weasel poop at least once, don’t they?  Anyway, if you guys sample this brew be sure to let me know your opinion in the comments.
Thanks for reading everyone.  I really appreciate it.  
Until next time.  Cheers.
Score:  4.1 out of 5
Grade:  A-  
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