Review of Jolly Pumpkin Weizen Bam

27 May

Hello guys.  It’s time for another craft beer review and for today’s review I’m going to be trying the Jolly Pumpkin Weizen Bam made by Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales situated in Dexter, Michigan.

How ’bout we just go ahead and get to the website,, and see what the brewers have to say about this beer, shall we?

Ruddy golden, with yeast driven esters of banana, spicy clove, and nutmeg all wrapped up with a generous dose of rapscillion delight.

Ok.  Let’s get to drinking.


This brew came in a 25.4 oz. bottle and it had an ABV of 4.5%.

It poured a semi-hazy, golden/yellow color with a bright white head that was soft, somewhat soapy and a touch fizzy.  It was sized well and the retention time was ok, but the lacing seemed to be lacking a little.

The nose brought forth hints of barnyard funk and feeble oak along with a very, very slight sour and ammonia smell.  Fruitiness of lemon citrus and banana too.  A subtle spice of clove, but it also had some nice grassy/grain tones as well. Not bad.

The flavor seemed to be less intense, however very similar to the aroma.  Savors of light oak, grass and funk. The lemon citrus was a bit meek, which in turn made the sourness pretty sparse.  The banana and clove also seemed remote, but I began to pick up on tones of coriander towards the end that I didn’t find in the bouquet. All in all, it was well balanced and good.

The mouthfeel was medium to thin bodied.  It was smooth, crisp, refreshing and thirst quenching.  It was somewhat watery too.  The carbonation was of medium strength and the flavor vanished from the palate rather quickly after each gulp.

Overall, I thought this was a decent beer.  I can see why it is a Summer release.  The drinkability was outstanding.  I flew through this bottle in no time flat.  It would be perfect for those hot days.  It wasn’t extremely robust or complex, yet a beer too complex and “thick” is the last thing I need or want on a hot and humid day. So, with that being said, pick up the Jolly Pumpkin Weizen Bam sometime over the next few months and see how you like it.  Be sure to leave a comment and tell me your opinion if you feel like it as well.

Thanks for reading everyone.  I’m most grateful.

Until next time.  Cheers.

Score:  3.75 out of 5

Grade:  B


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