Review of Freigeist Pimock

31 May

Hello guys.  It’s time for another craft beer review.  For today’s tasting I’m going to be trying the Freigeist Pimock developed by Gasthaus-Brauerei Braustelle located in Koln, Germany.

Since this is only the third beer I’ve tried from these guys I’ve yet to decipher the consistency or the quality of the brewery.

I couldn’t find any info regarding this brew on their website,, so let’s just get it poured and see for ourselves how it is.

Let’s imbibe.


This beverage came in a 16.9 oz. bottle and it had an ABV of 5.3%.

It poured a very cloudy/hazy orange color.  Some brighter yellow highlights were shown around the bottom and edges of the glass.  The crown was white, a touch small, but mostly smooth and soft.  The retention time and the lacing were both decent enough.

The fragrance discharged tones of yeast and wheat.  Spices of clove hid underneath as did a light citrus.  It seemed to have an odd or old musty smell.  Kind of like when an old library book is opened after it’s been sitting on the shelf for years.  “Dusty” smelling almost.  Hmm.

The flavor was also very yeasty and wheaty.  A very light orange peel and bits of banana were more than welcomed because they added some much needed complexity.  All of the characteristics were very light and subdued in my opinion.  I found nothing bad, yet everything was just muted.

The mouthfeel was medium to thin bodied.  Smooth, crisp, refreshing, thirst quenching and quite watery.  The carbonation was good, however not much flavor was left behind after each swallow though.

Overall, I wasn’t extremely impressed with this beer.  It wasn’t undrinkable or anything, but it wasn’t anything outstanding either.  It would make for a decent Summer beer I guess because it was light and the drinkability was very good, however I believe I could find a number of Weizen or Wit beers that have more flavor, complexity and personality than what the Freieist Pimock had.  Hey, don’t take my word for it though, pick it up and give it a try for yourself.  You may really, really like it.  Again, it’s nothing horrible and I’d drink it again if it were offered, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to grab a bottle.  Let me know what you thought if you’ve tasted it.

Thanks for reading and commenting everyone.  I really appreciate it.

Until next time.  Cheers.

Score:  3.15 out of 5

Grade:  C+


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