Review of Unibroue La Terrible

10 Jul

Hi guys.  For today’s craft beer review I’m going to be trying the Unibroue La Terrible produced by the Unibroue Brewery located in Chambly, Quebec, Canada.

It’s been sometime since I last had a brew from Unibroue and I’ve yet to try this one, so I’m looking forward to it.

From the website,, not a whole lot was provided about the beer.  However, I jumped over to and found this.

La Terrible is a dark brown beer on lees and is part of a collection of exotic and refined Unibroue beers brewed using 100% natural raw materials. It may be drunk as an aperitif or as an after dinner digestive. It is equally a perfect accompaniment to the above-mentioned dishes or a pleasant alternative to coffee.

Ok.  Let’s give it a try.


(Sorry about the poor quality of the picture guys)

The La Terrible came in a 25.4 oz. bottle and it had an ABV of 10.5%.

It poured a deep burgundy color with some rich, ruby highlights showing around the curves of the chalice.  The crown was light tan and sized well.  It was smooth and just a touch fizzy. The retention time was ok and the lacing seemed to be only average.  A ton of sticky alcohol was left clinging to the sides when tilted and swirled however.

The nose was quite sweet smelling.  Sweet fragrances of fruit.  Tones of apple juice, ripe grapes and plum. Bountiful amounts of Belgian yeast type aromas, spices of clove as well as some light touches of caramel malt really helped pull some of the sweetness off the top to create a very well balanced, harmonized and complex aroma.  Nary a hint of alcohol was detected within the bouquet.

The flavor also released a solid shot of apple accompanied by savors of raisin and grape.  A tone of dark rye bread and yeast intermingled with the clove to give it an earthy and round tone that I really liked.  Some of that caramel was again found, yet only after it warmed a touch.  Like the aroma, it started sweet, but settled gently as it opened up.  Nice.  I’ll say though, that the alcohol was easily noticed, yet it never seemed to overpower or dominate the taste.

The mouthfeel was medium bodied.  Rather smooth, dry and chewy.  The carbonation was of medium strength. A nice shot of warmth was felt and a heap of flavor was left behind on the palate after each sip.

In conclusion, I thought this was a very, very nice beer.  One of the better ones from Unibroue in my opinion.  I’d suggest you guys pick it up if you get the chance.  It was complex, rich, bold, flavorful and solid in all aspects. The drinkability was reasonable too.  Especially considering that it’s classified as a Belgian Strong Dark Ale with an ABV of 10.5%!!!!  I still sipped though.  I believe that it would be a great accompaniment to a cold Winter’s eve for sure.  Have you guys ever tried the Unibroue La Terrible?  If so, what did you think of it? Please, leave a comment and tell me of your experience if you’d like.

Thanks for checking back in on another review folks.  I really appreciate it.

Until next time.  Cheers.

Score:  4.15 out of 5

Grade:  A-

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