Review of Dogfish Head Positive Contact

09 Aug

It’s about time for another craft beer review guys.  Thanks for checking back in on the blog.  I’m most grateful. Well, for today’s review I’m going to be trying a beer that I’ve heard a ton about, yet have never tried.  It’s the Positive Contact made by the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery located in Milton, Delaware.

We all know about Dogfish Head, so let’s go ahead and click on the website,, and read the commercial description of this brew.

A positive combination of Fuji cider, slow-roasted farro, a bit of cayenne and fresh cilantro.

This beer part of our Music Series of beers… this one is an amalgamation of hip-hop, beer, cider and a DIY culinary experience! Sam and Dan the Automator of Deltron 3030 teamed up to create Positive Contact, based on Dan’s favorite ingredients and Dogfish Head’s innovative brewing practices.

Named after a key track on the first album, Positive Contact is a 9% ABV hybrid of beer and cider brewed with Fuji apples, roasted farro, a handful of cayenne peppers and a late dose of fresh cilantro. This sweet-and-sour Belgian-ish brew is a light straw color with fruity, cider-like notes. The cayenne and alcohol give it a warming finish.

How ’bout it?  Ready for the pour?


This beer came in a 25.4 oz. bottle and it had a 9.0% ABV.

It poured slightly hazy with an orangish/golden color.  It formed a soft, medium sized, semi-creamy white head. The retention time was very nice and the lacing was more than solid for the duration of the drink.

The nose seemed quite complex, yet familiar at the same.  It smelled very “Belgiany”.  Like a Trippel or a Wit or something.  It released tones of coriander and pepper spice as well as a solid dose of yeast.  I also recieved a waft of apples skins and maybe a hint of pear.  A nice grassy, floral bouquet came about too.  Almost like a fresh field of clover.  Overall, the fragrance was well balanced, harmonious and nice.

The flavor was nearly the same as the aroma I thought.  Very Belgian like with those pronounced spices of pepper and coriander while the yeasty components formed the sturdy backbone.  The fruity apple and pear added some sweetness, which helped to balance everything out.  Tasty.

The mouthfeel was medium bodied.  It was dry, crisp and semi-refreshing with a slight bite.  The carbonation was medium to high and a touch of warmth was felt from the relatively high ABV content.  A lot of flavor was left behind after each swallow too.

Overall, I thought this was a very nice beer.  Easily a brew that I wouldn’t mind having again.  I’d definitely recommend it to a friend as well.  It has plenty of character and personality, yet it’s easy enough to drink so as to not overwhelm someone just getting into craft beer.  I think it would be a nice beverage to have at just about any point in the year too.  It could match up really well with the Spring and Summer for sure, but I may even pair it with that Thanksgiving turkey if given the chance.  With that being said, if you have the opportunity to grab a bottle of the Dogfish Head Positive Contact don’t hesitate.  I think you may enjoy it.  I know I did.

Thanks for reading and commenting everyone.  I really appreciate it.

Until next time.  Cheers.

Score:  3.8 out of 5

Grade:  B+

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