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Review of To Øl Mochaccino Messiah

How’s it going guys?  For today’s craft beer review I’m going to be trying the To Øl Mochaccino Messiah produced by the To Øl Brewery located in Frederiksberg C, Denmark.

I’ve enjoyed what few beers I’ve had from To Øl and it’s been a while since I’ve had a brew from them, so I’m pretty excited about giving this one a test drive.

I checked on the website,, and found this bit of info.

This is our attempt of substituting the morning mochaccino coffee with a beer. You get the nicely roasted chocolate malts, some creamy lactose for the milk and a shot of nutty espresso coffee in your mug. And then some alcohol, it seemed just as obvious as some vodka in a white russian.  We do not recommend opting for this beer instead of coffee (all the time…)

Sounds good.  Let’s give it a try.


This beer came in a 25.4 oz bottle and it had an ABV of 7.0%.

It poured a deep, dark brown color with some ruby red highlights showing around the edges when held toward the light source.  The head was light tan, huge, soapy and soft.  A lot of large bubbles formed too.  The retention time was ok and a ton of patchy lacing was left behind once it began to settle.

The aroma released a nice shot of coffee bean to begin with.  A sturdy amount of piney and earthy hops were discovered as well.  Those wafts were followed by an almondy hint that was accompanied by an undertone of a light tobacco leaf.  Hmm.  Very nice, but….. interesting.

The flavor discharged more of the expected roasted coffee tones of course, yet it also touched on some slightly toasted dark breads and even a bit of bitter chocolate.  The piney and earthy hops were accounted for again and as it began to warm the earthiness really started to stand out and become more dominant.

The mouthfeel was medium bodied.  Smooth, dry and just a touch chalky.  The carbonation seemed about right and a good amount of flavor was left behind on the palate between sips.

Overall, I felt that this was a decent beer.  Those that know me realize that I love Coffee Stouts, however I felt that this one fell just a bit short of some of my favorites.  It was good, but the earthiness was a lot stronger than I’m accustomed to with the style.  Oh well, I’d still recommend trying it because it’s a well made and worthy drink for sure.  The drinkability was pretty good and it would definitely hit the spot during the cooler months of the year.  Have you guys ever had the To Øl Mochaccino Messiah?  What was your opinion?  Feel free to leave a comment and tell me all about it.

Thanks for reading everyone.  I really appreciate it.

Until next time.  Cheers.

Score:  3.75 out of 5

Grade:  B

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Review of Evil Twin Aún Más a Jesús

Hi guys.  For today’s craft beer review I’m going to be trying the Aún Más a Jesús produced by the Evil Twin Brewing Company situated in Valby, Denmark.

I can never figure Evil Twin out as far as their brewing location.  They seem to jump around quite often and, for the most part, seem to brew anywhere that has water and a brew kettle.  As a matter of fact this beer was actually brewed in Montseny, Spain and is basically an offshoot of Even More Jesus, which is indeed produced in Denmark.

Either way, let’s jump to the website,, and see what kind of information we can drum up about this beer.

On a pilgrimage for immortal craft beer we tripped on these heavenly drops of amazingly overwhelming aromas, a thick fudge-like body, pitch black color and obviously only made in limited amounts. And the taste….even more jesus!

I’m ready for a sip.  How ’bout you guys?


This brew came in an 11.2 oz. bottle and it had an ABV of 12.0%.

From an extremely easy pour this beer showed black as night.  Nary a highlight was to be found.  It formed a dark tan to deep brown cap that was very smooth and very creamy.  It was sized sufficiently considering the very easy flow from the bottle.  The head stuck around for a few moments and as it settled it left behind some thin, but very consistent lacing.  Significant amounts of clear alcohol was left on the sides of the snifter when tilted also.

The nose was beautiful.  Hints of bittersweet, dark chocolate along with some heavily roasted, albeit not burnt, malts.  Wafts of toast and earth as well as some earthy hops.  Only the most meager amount of coffee/espresso came through after it warmed to room temperature.  Super well balanced, robust and delightful.

The taste was great too.  Dark, slightly bitter chocolate with a “milky” aspect.  A modest amount of booze was noticed at the back end, but it was quickly overtaken by a rich, fudge like characteristic.  Very nice.  Like the aroma, the coffee was quite faint and only showed itself after the profile opened up a little and maybe just a wee bit of dark fruit was observed after the swallow as well.

The mouthfeel was medium/full to mostly full bodied.  Dry, thick, chewy, smooth, silky and creamy.  The carbonation fell toward the low side and only a negligible amount of warmth was felt from the 12.0% alcohol.   A great deal of flavor was left behind coating the palate long after the sip was gone.

I tell ya.  This was a great beer in my opinion.  One of the better Stouts I’ve had in a while.  It presented all of the goodness that I tend to enjoy with my Stouts.  A lot of great chocolate and roast with only the slightest inkling of alcohol, which in turn, made for a fairly easy drink.  However, I preferred to take my time because I wanted to savor every last drop.  This is a brew that would be best relegated for the cooler weather, yet I’m not sure I could turn it down if it were offered by a friend during the warmer months.  With that being said, if you guys can grab a bottle of the Evil Twin Aún Más a Jesús….. do it.  I don’t think that you will be disappointed. Especially if you favor Imperial Stouts.  Feel free to tell me all about your experience when you try it.

Thanks for reading and commenting everyone.  I appreciate it.

Until next time.  Cheers.

Score:  4.5 out of 5

Grade:  A


Review of Mikkeller Big Worse

What’s up good people?  For today’s craft beer review I’m going to be trying the Mikkeller Big Worse produced by the Mikkeller Brewery located in Kobenhavn, Denmark.

I always see this beer in my bottle shop when I visit, but for some reason I never pull the trigger on purchasing it.  Well, I finally decided to grab it and give it a test drive…. and I’m pretty excited. rarely has commercial descriptions of the Mikkeller beers, so I’m just going to pour it and create my own description.

Let’s drink.


This beverage came in a 12.7 oz. bottle and it boasted an ABV of 12.0%.

It poured a brown to deep, dull ruby color.  The cap was light tan and sized very well from a fairly easy pour at that.  The texture was mostly smooth, thick and soft.  The retention time was quite good and the lacing looked solid too.  We have a very attractive looking brew right here.

The bouquet released a strong waft of sweet and sugary caramel malt.  Also, a lot of earthy hops with a welcoming resiny attribute.  Hints of boozed soaked plums and a light whiff of some dark breads added some complexity and really helped harmonize the overall nose.

The sip greeted me with a nice shot of “rum like” booze quickly followed by sweet dark fruits and more sugary caramel .  The hops were mostly earthy, however I swear I thought I gathered a slight inkling of orange citrus. Who knows?  My mind may have been playing tricks on me.  Either way, still a very tasty profile.

The mouthfeel was medium to full bodied.  Smooth, slick, dry, sticky and chewy.  The carbonation was a little more lively than I had anticipated.  Especially considering it was of the Barelywine Style.  Obviously, a nice slap of warmth was felt from that 12.0% ABV.  It followed the liquid into the belly with ease.  A solid quantity of flavor was left behind on the palate after each sip as well.

I tell ya.  My first experience with the Mikkeller Big Worse did not disappoint   It’s a very, very nice Barleywine. One that I wouldn’t mind having again sometime that’s for sure.  I have heard of and read a few mixed reviews of this beer in the past, but I didn’t have a bit of problem with it.  I’d highly recommend it if you are looking for a fairly easy drinking and complex Barleywine.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a sipper and that high ABV will get on top of you pretty quick, but if you have some time to kill, give it a try and enjoy the undertaking. Be sure to let me know what you think about it too.

Thanks for reading and commenting everyone.  I’m most appreciative.

Until next time.  Cheers.

Score:  4.05 out of 5

Grade:  A-


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