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It’s Great To Be Back!!!

Hey guys.  It’s been two years since I have written a blog post about craft beer.  I had a nice, long break, but I figured it was about time that I got back into it.  I’m thinking about going in a different direction though.  If you guys followed my blog previously you already know that I primarily reviewed beers.  I had the opportunity to try a ton of different and unique beers that I may never have the opportunity to sample again.  That was all well and good and I enjoyed my time doing it, but as I moved along that craft beer journey I began to become a bit dissatisfied.  With reviews, as you guys know, analyzing the brews to any level of depth can become a bit tedious and mind numbing (not to mention the expense of purchasing some of the more rare ones) and because of that I wasn’t able to enjoy the beer for what it was….  BEER!!!  I just simply love beer.  Always have and probably always will.

With that being said, I wanted to explore some different avenues with regards to the site. Sure, I may occasionally do a review of a beer that I find distinct or special, but what I’d really like to focus on is the craft beer world in general.  Maybe concentrate on beer news, culture, beer festivals/events, beer history, interviews, etc.  Anything I could find interesting to read or write that I think you guys may enjoy too.

What do you guys think?  I’d be open to any suggestions, comments or criticisms.  I would really like to move this site forward and have a ton of interaction with readers and enthusiasts alike.

Thanks for all of the support everyone and stay tuned.  I hope to have a ton of great content.


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