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Review of Schnieder Weisse Tap 4 Wiesen Edel-Weisse

Hello everyone.  For today’s craft beer review I’m going to be trying the Schnieder Weisse Tap 4 Wiesen Edel-Weisse brewed by the Private Weissbeirbrauerei G. Schneider & Sohn GmbH brewery located in Altstadt Kelheim, Germany.

I haven’t had too many beer from Scnieder Weisse, but the one’s that I’ve tried have been solid to the core, so I’m expecting nothing less from this brew.

I checked on the website,, and found this short, but informative bit of info about this brew.

Exclusively brewed in reminiscence of Georg Schneiders privilege of being part of the world famous Munich Octoberfest until 1942 when his renowned “Weisse Brauhaus im Tal, Munich” was destroyed. Enjoy and celebrate!

Let’s have a sip, shall we?


This beer came in a 16.9 oz. bottle and it had an ABV of 6.2%.

It poured a very hazy, golden/honey color with a bright white, fluffy, soft, soapy and somewhat rocky head.  It was sized extremely well and the retention time was more than solid.  The lacing didn’t look too bad either. This appeared to be a typical wheat beer in the glass.  Very enticing and inviting.

The nose was very bready and yeasty.  Hints of overripe banana.  Strong aspects of clove too.  It had almost a sorghum type of aroma as well.  Interesting to say the least.  I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced that in a wheat beer.  It wasn’t off putting at all…. just different and unique for sure.

The taste was a bit more typical of a Weisse beer I thought.  More of the bread and yeast with sturdy tones of the spicy clove while the pleasant fruitiness of the banana coincided with a stable and commonplace accent of grain.  A nice and sound flavor with this one.

The mouthfeel was medium bodied.  Smooth, but crisp and airy.  It was somewhat dry, yet not too dry to be refreshing and thirst quenching.  An ok amount of flavor was left behind also.  Just enough to keep me interested and wanting to take another gulp.

Overall, I found this to be an alright beer.  It was a very easy drink and would obviously be great for the Spring and Summertime weather.  It’s definitely worth a try if you favor this style.  It has all of the appropriate components and it’s pronounced enough to keep a person interested for the entire session.  I’ll probably be on the lookout for it next year if they produce it again.  Have you guys ever tried the Schnieder Weisse Tap 4 Wiesen Edel-Weisse?  If so, what did you think of it?  Did you like it?  Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments.  I really enjoy the interaction.

Thanks for reading everyone.  I really appreciate it.

Until next time.  Cheers.

Score:  3.75 out of 5

Grade:  B


Review of Pinkus Organic Hefe-Weizen

Hi guys.  For today’s craft beer review I’m going to be sampling the Pinkus Organic Hefe-Weizen made by the Brauerei Pinkus Mueller situated in Münster, Germany.

I can’t say that I’ve had a beer from Pinkus, so this should be a treat.

When I checked on the website,, I found this commercial description about the brew.

Pinkus Hefeweizen is a refreshing beer taste. Strictly according to the German Purity Law Pinkus Hefe Weizen from 60% organic wheat malt and 40% organic malted barley, hops and premium brewing water is produced. It contains no protein stabilizing agent. Before placing the wheat beer from Munster unfermented wort is added, the can still ferment the beer in the bottle. Therefore, it is advisable Pinkus Hefe Weizen always well chilled and pour with some feeling. Much to the benefit!

Alright.  Let’s pour this thing.


This beer came in a 16.9 oz. bottle and it had an ABV of about 5.1%.

It discharged a hazy, yellow/gold color with a white, soapy head.  The crown was sized well, however it dissipated a bit quick though.  The lacing seemed a touch thin too.  Hardly any foam was left on the sides of the glass as I worked my way down.

It had a very muted nose.  Buried deep I found a touch of coriander and clove spice.  A tiny bit of wheat and a smidgen of banana.  That’s really all I got.  I was a little bit disappointed about the bouquet.  I was expecting much, much more.

The flavor was the more of the same.  Very, very light and muted all around.  All that was detected was the slightest tone of banana, wheat and spices.  Hmm.

The mouthfeel was thin with a watery texture.  It was crisp, thirst quenching and refreshing though.  It was quite flat as well and barely any flavor was left behind on the palate for me to enjoy between sips.

Well, this beer wasn’t all that great I didn’t think.  Mostly “meh” to tell the truth.  I just figured this would really exemplify the style.  It could have been old or something.  I didn’t see any type of date marking on the bottle or anything.  I mean, the brew wasn’t horrible, but rather just very weak and sub-par in all categories.  When comparing this to other German Hefe’s the Pinkus Organic Hefe-Weizen falls way short in my novice opinion. One positive aspect was the fact that it was extremely drinkable.  It went down like water, which would be great for the warmer months of the year.  So, with that being said give this beverage a try if you have yet to do so and see what you think.  You may find it to be excellent.  Be sure to leave me a comment and tell me of your opinion if you do.

Thanks for reading everyone.  I really appreciate it.

Until next time.  Cheers.

Score:  2.85 out of 5

Grade:  C


Review of Benediktiner Weissbier

Oh yeah y’all!!!  It’s time to crack open another brew for today’s craft beer review.  For this one I’m going to be trying the Benediktiner Weissbier produced by Klosterbrauerei Ettal / Ettaler Klosterbetriebe GmbH located in Ettal, Germany.

This will be my first ever beer from these guys and it’s always fun trying something new, so I’m looking forward to it.

I didn’t find much information from the website,, therefore let’s just get this thing poured and see what it’s all about.

Into the glass it goes.


This brew came in a 16.9 oz. bottle and it had an ABV of around 5.0%.

It poured a very cloudy, hazy, dark orange color.  Some brighter, burnt orange and yellow highlights were shown around the edges and the bottom of the glass.  The cap was white, sized well, very soft and sort of rocky.  The retention time was more than solid and the lacing looked pretty darn attractive too.

The nose definitely had the yeast.  It was by far the most dominating aspect.  A lot of breadiness, doughy biscuit and a tiny bit of an earthy tone as well.  Some clove and only the most faint hint of banana and orange citrus.  I liked it.

The flavor released more of the yeast, bread and dough.  It was semi-sweet with the touches of banana and it also had a slight pear like flavor also.  The clove seemed to be more noticeable, however it wasn’t too overpowering.  The taste was very “round” and soft.

The mouthfeel was medium bodied.  Smooth, soft, refreshing and thirst quenching with a medium strength carbonation.  A good shot of flavor was left behind on the palate for me to enjoy between sips to boot.

Yeah, this was a very nice beer.  I like the fact that it’s a bit more “round” and “bready” than some of the other Hefe’s out there that are just overloaded with spices and citrus.  Additionally, it’s a very easy drink that would go well with the warmer days of Summer obviously.   I’d recommend that you guys try the Benediktiner Weissbier before the Summer is over if you have the opportunity.  I think you may enjoy it.  As always, leave a comment and tell me of your opinion if you’d like.

Thanks for reading everyone.  I really appreciate it.

Until next time.  Cheers.

Score:  3.8 out of 5

Grade:  B+

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